Would you like to have specific career directions but are uncertain how to begin?

Are you ready to begin an ExPloration of your passions to see how they can apply to a future career?  

Working with a professional clinical counselor can open up an understanding of your inner-workings and how to apply your strengths to your future career. Having knowledge of your passions, necessary work environments- both culturally and physically, and what could potentially be a challenge, help to develop career success.

Career ExPloration blended with therapy through a clinical counselor can help move individuals forward. 

This type of work is frequently a missing piece for individuals on the autism spectrum. Navigating the intricacies of the work environment while balancing the challenges that come with overwhelm and social questioning, often lead to unfulfilling and frustrating work experiences.

People who work with me in their ExPloration of careers and pathways can come away with a deeper understanding of the complexity of career choice, information for more solid decision-making, and knowledge of the impacts of their choices on ultimate satisfaction. As an individual on the autism spectrum, doing this work with someone who has an understanding of your unique lived experiences enhances this process. It helps you develop optimized pathways for your future and creates greater understanding of how to reach your ultimate goals.

If you are ready to ExPlore career options and planning, click below to set up an initial consultation with Lori.