Individuals with Autism often feel frustrated, misunderstood and unappreciated.

Does it feel like everyone is always trying to

“fix” you, or something about you?

Let’s change that!

Let’s celebrate who you are! Let’s celebrate where you’re at right now!

In our work, we are going to Explore, Experience, Expand and a bunch of other ExP words, all the things you enjoy and are good at. We will work in ways that are different than other therapies you have done before.

We will not be focusing on what is “wrong,” or what someone else thinks needs to be fixed. We will be creating a pool of resources that will be available to you to enjoy and feel good about. We will work to expose new ways of handling things that are challenging and use your resources to resolve them. This creates the opportunity for feeling empowered and good about yourself and your future. 

Part of our work together will be exploring your experience of bodily sensations and emotion using research-backed approaches. We will work to expand your vocabulary for explaining your needs and feelings, relating to experiences with others, in a way that can allow you to be heard and validated.

This is an alternative approach that does not involve standard behavior based approaches that imply there is a better, proven way to experience the world.

My approach is trauma informed and entails proven psychotherapeutic methods as well the latest in neurological research in autism and its implications for creating meaningful experiences in your life. I am a somatic therapist which means I address the body and its response to life events, and I do so through techniques designed to regulate both the mind and body. Techniques we may use in our work include, sensory enrichment, art, movement, music, video, play, touch and talk.

This is an alternative approach and is NOT for everyone. 

If however, the opportunity of creating a different way of experiencing who you are by focusing on what makes you light up, what you are passionate about, and finding a way to share that with the world, sounds like something you are ready for, click below to contact me for an initial consultation.