Grief is a powerful emotion that can show up in many ways. 

Grief happens when there is a loss - a loss of someone, something or even someplace.

It is not only when someone dies.

When grief is strong enough, it can completely stop us from functioning and lead to challenges in performing everyday activities like going to work or school, being in a family or simply performing daily self-care like bathing, eating or sleeping. 

When you are grieving it is not a time for deep therapeutic work – it is time for finding a new “normal” or adjusting to the circumstances of your loss. When you can’t make these adjustments on your own, working with a therapist trained in grief can help you:

  • If you have lost someone – figure out how you will survive without them and how your world will look and function moving forward.

  • If you lost something – determine what will fill the void of that missing thing and how you can orient in the world with something new.

  • If you lost someplace – find a new place that can provide safety so you can feel secure enough to launch back into the world with energy and enthusiasm for all that is required of you.

Work on these adjustments helps create a new “normal” for you to navigate your life with - one that takes into account the loss that you were previously unsure how to deal with.

Operating in your new normal provides a stable platform for you to grow from and can make it possible for you to operate in the world again utilizing new found resources that you didn’t have before.

If you are in need of a new normal and a partner on the journey to finding it, contact me for an initial consultation.