Do you feel like you are living in a parallel universe to all the parents surrounding you? 

Like the parenting issues you have to deal with are so far beyond what anyone around you can even begin to comprehend?

Parenting a child with special needs can feel very isolating. 

There is a common language that is spoken by special needs parents, because we share life experiences. When we share our stories there is no need to translate what you mean because we both are speaking in a mother tongue learned through our shared circumstances. When it comes to special needs parenting, grief and the challenges of life that come with those things – I speak fluently. 

I believe that every individual is amazing in their own way; deserving of being seen and valued exactly where they are and to have their voices heard. I believe that everyone has a right to build an expansive future full of promise and potential according to their wishes and desires - free from fear and anxiety. 

This is your right too!

When it comes to special needs parenting, figuring out how this right will be possible, given the circumstances of having a child that experiences the world differently, is challenging. If you are in a place where you need help and support in finding hope for your future and that of your child’s or simply finding your path, click below to contact me for an initial consultation.