How did I get here? Wow,I never knew how hard this could be.

Being the caretaker of an individual who experiences the world differently can be a heavy burden and can lead to burnout and frustration if you are not fully supported. 

Whenever you are responsible for the well-being of another human being, the stakes are incredibly high. When it comes to special needs caregiving many things complicate that responsibility, including:

  • The timing on entering the role

  • How well you knew the individual before having the responsibility for their well-being

  • Your level of understanding around the lived experience of the person you are now caring for

Caregiving relationships for those with special needs are very challenging. As a caretaker it can become overwhelming when someone you are responsible for won’t follow simple instructions, acts in ways that feel at odds with your efforts or simply doesn’t listen to your advice. 

Having a safe space where you can explore your feelings, find additional resources and feel supported is critical to the well-being of yourself and those for whom you care.

If you are feeling the need for support in your care taking and want to find a space where you can gain additional resources for fulfilling your commitments of caring for someone with special needs click below to contact me for an initial consultation.